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Le Royal for tailoring

About Le royal

Le royal was founded in 1994 – 1415 (Hijri) to adapt to the developments in men’s’ clothing and match it with exclusiveness of the Arabic Thobe.


To be the leader in designing and tailoring the Arabic Thobe to represent the finest qualities of our heritage, to synonymize Le royal with elegance & innovation and to blend fantasy, modernity & authentic traditions in our products.


To deliver our Thobes with our finest qualities of elegance & authenticity to all Arabic countries, our branches are constantly increasing and our 350 employees, technicians & white collars, are always at your service. (branches to be included elsewhere)

We specialize in upholding the authenticity of Thobe and preserving its originality and deep-rootedness while keeping up its modernity at the same time.

We follow world-class standards using a thorough quality control & monitoring system for our products through all phases of production. We are constantly improving our choice of the finest fabrics used in our products and perform periodical evaluations for our fabric vendors to ensure you receive the superior Thobe you are accustomed to.